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As time goes by, new businesses are created, successful companies expand, and some just don’t make the cut for various reasons. 

The result is the construction of new commercial buildings and renovation projects for older ones. 

Whether new or old, all commercial buildings need to be built or appropriately renovated to maximize safety, efficiency, attract or maintain customers and even employees. 

However, building efforts can quickly go south and end up costing more time and money with the wrong construction company. 

Commercial building teams are not made equal 

Business owners looking for commercial builders should be wary of building teams that simply don’t have the necessary experience, organization skills, or discipline to take on commercial projects. 

One way to weed out contractors that won’t meet expectations is by inquiring about past projects. 

  • How many have they completed?
  • What types of businesses have they worked on?
  • Ask to see pictures
  • Visit at least one of the locations
  • Speak to a few business owners that have hired the contractor 
  • Request to review the contract
  • Inquire about their project management style 
  • Discuss how they handle timeline expectations and setbacks

Contractors that are reluctant to provide references or documents, answer questions in detail, or don’t seem confident about taking on a project are huge red flags.  

Jax Builders 

The easiest way to get in touch with the best commercial builders in Alberta is to reach out to Jax Builders. 

With over 30 years of combined experience, plenty of completed projects to reference, and hundreds of satisfied customers, Jax Builders makes commercial builds and renovations stress-free. 

Here at Jax Builders, our team carefully plan and coordinate projects around client business plans to set attainable milestones and realistic deadlines.

Once the project begins, our management team maintains an on-site presence to oversee workflow and schedule, ensuring no miscommunications could negatively affect the budget.

Business owners don’t have to reach out to get an update, as we keep them informed with the latest project news via our online client portal. However, business owners are welcomed and encouraged to reach out at any time. 

We are expert commercial builders that understand how vital reliable plans and team setups are for a successful build delivered on time. 

Team up with us and get the very best

We create vibrant and functional environments for business owners to run productive businesses and customers to shop, socialize and relax.

Work with us to get the benefits that only knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated commercial builders can give. 

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