Guide to avoiding high cost bathroom renovations in Calgary

Guide to avoiding high cost bathroom renovations in Calgary

People spend a lot of time in the bathroom, whether they are getting ready for work or bed, freshening up for an activity or a big event, relaxing in a warm bath during downtime, or even hosting guests.

Bathrooms are high traffic areas that become very run down over the years with regular use; this is why they are usually a priority for homeowners looking to renovate. 

Wear and tear can cause different issues that vary in severity. So, what are some problems homeowners are solving by renovating their old and outdated bathrooms? 

Improved bathrooms help people feel relaxed

A fresh and upgraded bathroom doesn’t just give people something nice to look at after a long day or week. 

It also feels like a decompressing and luxurious retreat during relaxing baths, showers, and regular pampering. 

Even guests can enjoy the simple pleasures of a vibrant and comfortable powder room while they visit.

Growing families need tough bathrooms  

A growing family means an older bathroom just isn’t enough to keep things running smoothly in a busy household.

Most families will need improved functionality; this could mean adding storage areas, adding a bigger bathtub or shower, or even redoing the floorplan for a better flow. 

A bathroom reno is a great opportunity to choose new, high-quality materials to help make clean-ups faster and easier. Better materials will also stand up to rigorous use over time.  

Bathrooms that help seniors and people with disabilities 

Accessing bathrooms can sometimes be very challenging for seniors and persons with disabilities. A renovation project is a perfect way to customize the space for better safety and more independence. 

Floorplans can be redone completely to fit the needs of the users, like expanding doorways or adding wheelchair accessible showers in a convenient part of the bathroom.

Better suitable materials like anti-slip floors and handrails can also be included in the design to make the experience more positive. 

Undetected water damage in old bathrooms 

Bathrooms are often the most exposed rooms to water damage, which can result in costly repairs, or even worse, mould. 

A bathroom renovation means any damages can be caught and repaired before it gets worse. It also means the project will be done using modern building techniques for added safety and durability in the long run.  

How much does it cost to renovate a bathroom in Calgary? 

Bathroom renovations will usually range anywhere from 2k to well over 25K. It is difficult to layout the cost without exploring a few things like need/wishlist, size of the bathroom, and unexpected issues. 

  • A desire or necessity to change the floor plan may require moving the plumbing, which requires a lot more expertise and labour. A big part of the budget will need to be allocated to floor plan changes. 
  • High end finishes like marble and affordable finishes like linoleum have a noticeable cost difference. However, the amount of time, skill, planning and materials needed to install different finishes will vary in cost. 
  • The size of the bathroom is often overlooked, but it’s a big factor when it comes to planning a renovation. A small bathroom needs less planning, materials and labour, while a large one requires a lot more. 
  • Bathrooms could have undetected issues like rot and mould, which means an additional cost to the project.  

The best thing to do is find a reliable and reputable residential builder and get a quote online or schedule an inspection for a more accurate estimate. 

Is it worth it to skip the contractors and do it yourself? 

For some, it may be 100% worth it. However, people looking to take on a DIY project need to be honest with themselves to ensure they maintain realistic expectations and avoid unattainable goals that will likely turn into a huge mess.  

  1. How complicated is the project? Youtube tutorials cover basic tasks like painting, adding storage, changing faucets and hardware. However, bigger tasks like replacing tile, installing showers and adjusting a floor plan may be way too much for beginners with little experience. 
  1. How much time can be allocated to the project? Beginners will always take a lot longer to complete a basic renovation compared to a pro. A lot of Calgarians belong to a working household. The last thing a busy person wants is to be left with a partially completed reno. 
  1. Planning, patience and attention to detail are crucial for a successful renovation project. If a DIY’er loses sight of these key elements, the project can go south quickly. Bathroom renovation mistakes can be very costly, so it is best to make sure that the project can be handled correctly. 

Suppose the project is at risk of failing due to any of the factors mentioned above. In that case, the renovation should be left in an experienced builder’s hands to avoid frustration and potentially more work. 

Who are the best residential builders in Calgary?  

If you’re looking for a reliable residential builder in Calgary, remember that not all builders are made equal. Choosing the wrong contractor could leave your project in shambles, resulting in high stress and costly repairs. 

Jax Builders makes the decision easy for anyone who is not sure what construction company to choose. 

Here at Jax Builders, we have over 30 years of combined expertise with a solid track record of turn-key builds completed on time… these are just a few of the many reasons why we are Calgary’s number one choice. 

  • We are fully licensed professional builders offering the best prices in Alberta. We specialize in full service, eco-friendly, residential and commercial builds
  • Our team will work with your budget and vision to create a realistic plan reflecting the look and feel you want for your bathroom. Even if you’re not too sure what you are looking for, our designers will help you find materials and bathroom styles that align with your taste.  
  • No project is too complicated for us, even if you need a change in the layout. Our team has the knowledge and experience to design and execute bathroom renovations that align with your needs. We also take care of all the necessary permits.  
  • Careful project management is taken very seriously to ensure we drive the workflow efficiently, maintain high standards of craftsmanship, keep the schedule, and deliver a deficient free bathroom on time.   
  • Your satisfaction and peace of mind mean a great deal to us. We make the experience stress free by keeping you informed every step of the way in person and through our online customer portal. You can check up on the progress and additional information at any time and from any place. We even offer support after we complete the project. 

Team up with Jax Builders to get the best results in Calgary!

Forget about doing the back-breaking labour yourself and leave everything to us! Relax and enjoy a stressless and hassle-free bathroom renovation! 

It is easy to get an online quote from Jax Builders. Just click here to book your free quote with all materials and labour included. 

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