Hiring The Best Renovation Companies in Calgary

Renovation Companies in Calgary

JAX Builders is the #1 renovation company in Calgary for redesigning and renovating commercial and residential spaces. 

Within the last year, there has been a lot of change with how the Albertan workforce is managed. 

While some employers choose to have their employees work from home, others are revamping their workspace to adjust to the current circumstances. 

Even students find themselves learning from home, meaning household members are starting to feel more cramped. 

Renovations that expand usable space and enhance the functionality of existing space has been the answer to many employers and residences

Revamp Your Space With JAX Builders 

With so many renovation companies in Calgary, choosing the right builders for you can be a daunting task. Here at JAX Builders, we make the decision easy for you.  

We are one of the city’s most trusted and sought after building companies for commercial and residential renovations. 

We believe that outstanding service and communication are necessary key elements in completing your project on time. Due to our unrivalled work ethic, quality of work and project transparency, your experience will also be stress-free.

Our online project management tool keeps you informed every step of the journey with 24-hour access to detailed updates, project phases, timelines, and more.  

With over 30 years of combined experience, there isn’t a project we can’t handle and complete with excellence.

Commercial Construction Solutions

From restaurants, warehouses, office buildings, and everything in between, our city requires a different workplace approach from just one year ago.

Our team of professionals will work with your business plan to help you identify pain points and plan out an effective solution, even if it requires a complete floorplan overhaul. 

An efficient workspace doesn’t have to mean a dull atmosphere. We are the number one renovation company in Calgary for designing creative ways that will bring your space to life while aligning with your business, staff and customers.

Residential Builds and Renovation Solutions

Working families and students are spending more time at home, meaning the natural flow and order of many households have changed. 

Tension and conflicts may arise while families try balancing their home life during work hours and manage communal spaces in constant demand. 

Often, these issues create an overwhelming and claustrophobic feeling, making home reno projects that target functionality issues a perfect solution for restoring balance.

Some families may need quiet work areas, more room to provide a space of solace and relaxation, or improved usability in high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms

Whether you need to restructure shared space or develop extra living space like basements, our builders can make it happen with realistic planning and execution timelines to get you back up and running more efficiently. 

Even if you’re not sure how to optimize your home for better everyday use and balance, the JAX Builders professionals can present plans and ideas that align with your family dynamics. 

Team-up With JAX Builders and Get The Best 

We understand the need and importance of hiring a reliable, qualified and trustworthy renovation company in Calgary. 

It is standard practice for all of our team members to follow strict and transparent protocols to ensure you feel comfortable and confident in having us take on your project. 

Let us join your project and make your vision and needs a reality. Click here to book your free consultation today.  

Ready To Make Your New build or Renovation vision A Reality?

We offer free no-obligation consultations to help us understand your needs and provide a fair and accurate quote.

We are committed to offering you a seamless and stress-free experience from beginning to end; so rest assured the consultation will be worth your time.


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