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DIY home renovations are very exciting, especially when you envision the finished product.

It may seem easy enough for a new DIY’er to get the work done, but there are plenty of things that can go wrong when it comes to renovations, be it a new kitchen or a small bathroom reno

So,  what happens if you make a few or several mistakes? 

Making mistakes with home renovations can mean a huge decrease in home value. 

Reno mistakes that can be devastating

Even if a project is easy, you can still make decisions that will be off-putting to potential buyers.

Mistakes can also take up a lot of your time, or cost more money to fix in the future.  

Common Mistakes 

  • New construction or extensions without a permit 
  • Structural mistakes that could be dangerous 
  • Flooring and electrical mistakes 
  • Accidental violation of city regulations 
  • Inaccurate installations 
  • Far out paint colours like kiwi green and flamingo pink
  • Wallpaper
  • Unique/strange materials
  • Lack of research 

Adding your unique style is important to make a home feel like your own. However, adding too much personal taste will make it harder for buyers to add their style. 

It is a lot safer to stick to neutral tones and textures unless you have an interior designer to help.

Best solution for the new DIY’er

A full-service general contractor is the best solution for any new DIY’er that’s in over their head. Builders serve key essential ingredients in the remodelling process. 

Contractors will take care of each step for you and check the quality of work by the book.

They will also make sure everything is timely planned, organized, and ensure safety on the job.

A full-service contractor will also offer other remodelling needs like the guidance of an interior designer to balance personal style and smart investments for the future. 

With an interior designer, you’ll be set up for success when it comes to choosing the right materials, colours, brands, textiles and more.

Alberta’s top contractor for home renovation 

Home improvement projects are an art form and Jax builders full-service contractors are the perfect artists for the job. 

With over 30 years of expertise, competitive prices, and environmentally sustainable practices, Jax Builders are the team members you’re looking for. 

Customer service, transparency, punctuality and getting the job done right the first time are just a few things the Jax team strives to meet each day. 

They even have a 5 step program to help Albertans follow along with the process clearly.  

5 step program 

  1. Free Consultation – will go over your budget range, wishlist, and expectations. 
  2. Design Retainer – a fee will be collected for the design team to start planning. You will also receive a full set of construction drawings and specs.
  3. Permits – construction drawings will be submitted to the city for required permits. 
  4. Construction – another estimate will be prepared on cost and build a timeline. 
  5. Close Out – will start final touches on the build and warranty support will begin.

Let’s team up to build a masterpiece 

Your home renovation in Calgary should be an amazing adventure, not a struggle. 

Jax Builders has all the resources and experience to improve your space without compromising the value of your home. 

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