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The look and flow of a restaurant are crucial for attracting and maintaining customers. 

Patrons are there for the whole experience and are willing to pay for it. From pleasant service, delicious food delivered fast, and a charming environment. 

Restaurant builders should align with what customers find valuable and how you and your team will meet those expectations. 

  • Is the appearance of your restaurant pleasant to your guests?
  • Is your layout ideal and functional? 
  • Can staff members access tools and space effectively to carry out their duties efficiently? 

The Jax Builders design team will put together a plan designed to target all your pain areas with your vision in mind. 

The result will be a visually appealing and functional space that will create an array of benefits for customers, staff and you.

Project info

For this restaurant builders project, Jax Builders worked with specific requirements to fit the brand’s design and the owner’s vision, a clean, sleek look with modern finishes, and a functional layout. 

This project was on a strict schedule, as we needed to deliver the space on time to meet their company deadline. Our team worked to align the design plans and timeline with the construction budget in their business plan, so the numbers worked out perfectly.  

We stayed organized throughout the project and utilized our project management system to track progress and display up to date costs. 

There was also consistent site presence to push the trades and scopes of work through efficiently, which meant we delivered on time and eliminated cost overruns. 

Additionally, Worked hard to build a transparent and trusting relationship by:

  • Maintaining constant communication between the Jax Builders team and the owner
  • Being readily available for questions, concerns and updates 

Kitchen results

The JAX Builders design team worked with their business plan and developed a bright floorplan that maximized the kitchen layout for kitchen equipment and staff maneuverability. 

The completed product was a kitchen that performs perfectly and will meet the team needs for a long time, free of deficiencies or issues. 

  • A new exciting environment for staff
  • Functional space for better workflow 
  • Workplace satisfaction

Front end results  

For the restaurant’s client-facing section, we delivered a spacious, clean, yet invigorating area for customers to enjoy. 

The completed product was a bright and practical service line that works perfectly for clients. 

  • Attractive change of scene for consumers
  • Flawless customer experience
  • Long term loyalty

We love what we do

Here at Jax Builders, we work hard to deliver exceptional quality in everything that we do. 

We strive to honour our contracts and meet client expectations. 

We believe in punctuality and careful attention to detail. 

It was a pleasure to apply our experience, hard work and values to the project and leave behind premium results for an equally hard-working restaurant owner and team. 

Our favourite part of this restaurant build was ordering the best salad in Calgary to celebrate the completion of a remarkable project. 

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Project Info