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Restaurant competition is always increasing in volume and enthralling new features. 

With so many options to choose from, restaurants with invigorating atmospheres end up attracting the most publicity and curiosity.

This is especially true after a long day or week. Customers are looking to unwind a bit with great food, service and ambiance.

Is your interior design boosting or hurting your business?

It is essential to take a step back and ponder whether your current restaurant interior design is outdated or too boring. 

Dated or dull interior designs may be causing more damage than good considering patrons are there for the whole experience.  

How to make your restaurant more appealing and functional

Getting ahead of the competition is a huge priority for every business owner. 

Luckily, staying in the lead may be as easy as hiring a renovation team to bring excitement and better workflow to your restaurant.  

An attractive and functional restaurant interior design will enhance the overall experience for your customers and staff members, which may result in:

  • Customer Loyalty
  • More tips
  • Community praise
  • Word of mouth business
  • A better work environment for employees 

Jax Builders will bring your restaurant to life

Jax Builders is a Canadian owned and operated full services building team. We utilize over 30 years of combined expertise in commercial renovations to give Canadian business owners a leg up in a never-ending battle for the most noticeable restaurant.  

Our design team will work with your vision and business plan to create a new environment that will leave customers thrilled and eager to return. 

Staff members will be delighted to carry out their daily duties efficiently in a brand new setting.

As our team works through the project, we will make it stress-free so you can look forward to the restaurant interior design results without worry. 

Transparent communication 

We maintain constant communication through our project management app so that you can see daily updates from anywhere. However, we also welcome and encourage any questions or concerns. 

Quality work 

Our designers and builders are masters of their craft. You can count on beautifully planned and executed work from beginning to end. Our team members are the best, so we can guarantee exceptional results in every build.

We finish on time 

Planning and sticking to a strict schedule is standard here at Jax Builders. In fact, all of our policies and procedures are followed diligently to avoid setbacks that will prevent us from handing over the completed project on time. 

We build trust  

Your restaurant is a manifestation of your passion and hard work, as well as the livelihood of your staff. We appreciate you entrusting us with your restaurant, so we will work hard to maintain your trust throughout the entire restaurant interior design project. 

  • We will always keep you informed
  • We’ll work hard
  • You’ll get accurate and detailed artistry
  • We will stick to the plan 
  • We will deliver on time 

Let’s work together

Teaming up with us may be the best thing you do for your restaurant. Get high-quality results that change your business for the better. 

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